That time (last weekend) I saw a confederate flag in the parade lineup

That time (last weekend) I saw a confederate flag in the parade lineup

Sunny Washington

Jul 19, 2017

Draper City, UT July 15, 2017

Nearly 5 years ago, we moved to Draper City, UT. At the time, we didn’t intend for this to be where we live and raise our daughter for more than a year or two. We quickly grew to love living in Draper because of the community, our neighbors, and the friends that we were making. My husband and myself are people of color (I’m Korean and he’s black) and we’re not part of the main religion here. The last census, Draper is nearly 92% white yet we feel like we are a part of this great community and this can be our forever place to live.

One of the traditions that we love is the annual Draper Days. Held every summer, families come and join the rodeo, children’s bike parade, evening concerts and the parade every Saturday morning. Because it’s a community event, it’s not uncommon to have your kids be a part of the parade, see local businesses that you frequent have a float, seeing the local high school band perform, catching candy, and waving to your friends.

This year I was surprised to see the confederate flag prominently displayed as a part of the parade line up. I couldn’t believe it and immediately snapped a photo for evidence. As the group approached us, the cheers we had been hearing for the last hour quickly grew into complete silence. We were speechless.

I tagged the city on Twitter just hoping that the city would respond quickly just because they were just horrified that this happened. It wouldn’t be un-precedented for this to happen at a parade in Utah because someone unsanctioned decided to crash the parade.

I waited for an official city response which took well over a day.

I also tagged the Mayor Troy K Walker, Michele Weeks (running for mayor),and Troy Martinez (running for mayor). Troy Martinez was the only one to respond.

Now if you don’t understand why I’m making this into a big deal, please read this, this, and this. The other reason is because I live here and I refuse to believe that this is a good representation of the city that I’ve grown to love. I also believe that we all have a duty to speak up when we see something like this happening on our turf.

I’m not happy with the responses I received. It’s a cop out.

My 10 year old daughter learned about the civil war this last school year. She loved it and at dinner time she shared what she learned about Harriet Tubman, and what words like slavery and emancipation really means. Since she was in the parade, I told her afterwards about what we had seen, her first question was “did people boo?”

So Draper City, I love being here and I have to fight for a community that understands and publicly supports that the confederate flag is NOT welcome in our city.

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