Geneva withdraws request to expand Draper rock quarry

Geneva withdraws request to expand rock quarry
Geneva withdraws request to expand rock quarry
Geneva withdraws request to expand rock quarry
Geneva withdraws request to expand rock quarry

(KUTV) Residents in Draper rallied on Facebook (Stop Geneva Rock) to counter a request by Geneva Rock to expand its mining operations on South Mountain. Tuesday night, the company withdrew its request, according to Draper Mayor Troy Walker, to dig 189 acres deeper into the mountain. They had asked the city council to allow them to rezone that property from agricultural to manufacturing.

Neighbors on the north side of the mountain feared if approved, Geneva would send even more dust into the air in Draper and in other parts of Salt Lake and Utah Counties.

"Geneva has not done a good job of controlling the dust as it is. I can only imagine if they opened up another 190 acres," said Robert Macfarlane a Draper resident of 18 years.

Because Geneva has withdrawn its request, a hearing for the matter, scheduled for November 10th,has been cancelled.

Adrian Dybwad, who lives on the Mountain, said he worries about fine silica dust particles coming from the mine. He said more excavating means more dust particles will travel over the hillside right into his neighborhood.

Silica dust is dangerous to breathe, according to OSHA. The agency says over time it can lead to lung and breathing problems and even death.

Dybwad and other Draper residents have purchased air monitors. They will voluntarily install them on their homes. They are also looking for volunteers in other Utah neighborhoods and other states to install them in their homes so they can compare dust data.

"We want to know how much dust we are being exposed to. The state is not doing it right now, we will do it ourselves," he said.

Geneva Rock and Draper City Council were contacted to comment for this story. Neither would go on camera but they did issue written statements before it was announced the request was withdrawn.

Statement from Draper City:

The Geneva rezone application was presented to the Planning Commission at the Sept. 10th meeting. During the Public Hearing scheduled on November 10th, the Draper City Council will be hearing from the applicant, the city staff and the public regarding the rezone request. The Draper City Council will take all information presented at the hearing and all public comments into consideration. If an interested party would like to submit a comment, they can do so online to the Draper City Recorder’s office.

Geneva Rock Statement:

Geneva Rock Products understands the proposed expansion of mining at the Point of the Mountain has drawn interest from the UHGPGA, Draper City residents, and the Draper City Council. We are working with each party to address questions, identify concerns, and collaborate on solutions. Our history of working with the UHGPGA has proven our desire to propose an outcome that best accommodates all.
At this time, we are still working to develop our proposal addressing the future of mining at the Point of the Mountain. It is best that we deliver that proposal at the right time to the right people to ensure our prospective plans are clearly communicated.

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