Driving through Utah on Vacation

We all take vacations in different ways. Some of us prefer to fly and get there quickly but others realize that getting there is half of the fun. That is especially true if you have a comfortable automobile and you might be surprised with what you see if you do your traveling on the road rather than through the skies. If you are driving through Utah, consider the following information.

First of all, Utah is perhaps one of the best states in the United States to go for a drive. Yes, more people drive through the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee than any other National Park, but with the proximity of the national parks in Utah, it is possible to take them in from your automobile in a relatively short amount of time. It does take some days, but it is well worth the journey.

Zion National Park should be your first stop, and you will see some of the sandstone cliffs that are the tallest in the entire world. If you manage to get out of the vehicle for a little bit of a hike, you also find emerald pools and hanging gardens that are almost too beautiful for words. There are areas that are only open to a private vehicle, and you can check those out as well. Be sure that you check out the Canyon Overlook while you are there.

The Bryce Canyon National Park should be the next on your list, and this is also an amazing place to visit. When you see the colorful display of the hoodoos laid out in front of you, it is certain to take your breath away. While you’re there, make sure that you eat at the Lodge, because they have a Western menu that is fantastic. There are many Park overlooks to check out.

You also have the Capital Reef National Park and the Arches National Park that should be included in your vacation travels. Both of these are fantastic and the views are breathtaking from your automobile. Just make sure that you slow down and take in everything that you can take in. The views are beautiful and you certainly would not want to miss anything, just because you were driving by it too quickly. Drive safe and you will find that Utah is the most fantastic state to see from the seat of your car.