Looked For Affordable Draper Apartments But Moved Back In With My Parents

I moved in with my roommate about 3 months ago. We had been friends for a few months and worked together. She told me she was searching for a roommate and I was still living at home with my parents. I figured this was a great opportunity to move out on my own. I moved in the following week and everything went really well. After about a month, her true colors started to show and I realized this was not someone that I wanted to live with. She complained about everything around the house and offered little help to get things done. I thought it would be better if I moved out to save our friendship.

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Searching For Draper Apartments

I started searching for draper apartments in the area that were affordable and that were also move in ready. I found several Draper apartments that were for rent, but none of them were what I would call affordable. It was easier that I lived with someone else and could split the bills.[/testimonial]

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Kept Looking Around

I didn’t want to give up my search just yet, and I kept looking around to find an apartment. I found one that was cheap and had the utilities included in the rent. However, when I went to look at it, it was small and it wasn’t in the best condition.[/testimonial]

Live With Roommate

I thought about continuing to live with my roommate, but as the days went on, the more I wanted to move out. Since I hadn’t talked to her about it yet and I wasn’t sure how to break the news to her, I kept putting it off. I didn’t want her to take it personal. I waited until she got off of work one night and I told her that I was going to move back into my parents house. I let her know I had to save money up because renting wasn’t for me. I let her know I wanted to save up to buy a home and in order to save, would need to live with them. She took it well and said she would be able to find someone else to move in.

The following week, I packed my things and moved back into my parents house. It is such a relief to be living with them again and I really have been able to save money.